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I love the sound of the shutter click, then the rush I get when I look at my screen to discover something magical, or hillarious, or an image that captures the essence of the moment!


i love that photography is one of those rare art forms that conveys real moments in time with real emotions, real memories, completely unfiltered! I feel truly honored when a couple or family entrusts me with their memories!


i LOVE my family!! and I think it's worth mentioning that I have the BESTEST, AWESOMEST, COOLEST kids in the universe, a husband who just so happens to be my best friend, 2 crazy, yappy dogs, and a laid-back cat who actually comes when i call her.


i love learning new things! especially when those things involve photography, the mysteries of the universe, or How-To's & DIY!


i LOVE weddings! i love photographing them, i love laughing and crying along with the bride, groom, and guests! and i love how they have the power to reverse any bad mood!


i LOVE, LOVE , LOVE sushi...minus the fish or meat (i'm a vegetarian). kappa maki+ginger+wasabi=HAPPY MARCIA!!


i love that you visited my site! and thanks for reading all the way to the end! i'd love the chance to be your photographer!



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